Web hacks

Note: These contents are just for the sake of information and should not be used for any illegal activity. We are not responsible for any type of such action.

Basic information

The website is a business showcase. It is a client attraction center for businesses. Almost everyone who wants to buy anything searches for products/services online and then compares various providers to find the best one with a good price. So, it does not matter if someone is buying online or on to the counter it has completed its homework. A good and an informative website is a basic requirement for each business.

The next step is the website should be searchable in popular search engines. To achieve it, a well-tuned website is required that should have backlinks, addresses keywords, set to achieve load time less than 5 seconds and relative hyperlinks with explanations. This is the places where black-hat SEO organizations hack various websites to create backlinks for their clients to index their clients’ website at higher ranks for search engines like Google, Bing, AltaVista, Yahoo, Yandex etc.

It is much easier to hack admin panel based websites. Nowadays websites hack are not to destroy a business, there are many reasons for it. Hackers hack the panels and add their clients’ websites links to the hacked websites to get the back links for their clients. Now it is hard for the website owners to find such links because it is very rare that website owners are visiting their own websites. Even if someone visits, it will care for the displayed contents rather than the hidden hyperlinks. These links cause to divert visitors to other websites, which causes to lower the web sales or queries generated but it stays untracked almost forever.

There are some examples of how these hackers hack the websites. Some attempts are displayed below, taken from the server logs.

Web admin panel hacks

Website development is not just a skill to develop a fantastic looking website which can be achieved by buying a £10.00 online template. It should integrate security for the website and its contents. Have a look at attacks are there in a minute.
Website hacking efforts

Web script hack

Automated tools access websit script resources where some script can be injected or reloaded from other fake resource to add, hide or remove contents from a website.
CMS panel hijacking attacks with automated scripts

We are processing the contents. With in a few days you will find full details with evidance. We are talking about the threats, but do not encourge any type of hacking or cracking. We do not support any un-ethical action in any form.

Please notice the number of visits on the web site in a month, calls from website and the people who requested the directions to visit the business counter. I think that now you can understand why we have changed the abbriviation fo CTR from click turn ratio to cleint turn ratio. Let us make calculations: