Lead generation machine (A website)

In digital marketing field, everyone is trying various strategies and techniques. At PBIS Ltd., following our previous article “ Lead generation tools", a website can be a lead generation machine for a business. After having a look at the image below we will calculate the success of a website in terms of lead generation, client turn ratio (CTR) and the bounce rate. Do not be surprised it is PBIS, yes indeed Google uses CTR for “Click Turn Ratio” but we have changed it to client turn ratio. This article is a case study from our experiments. I would like to share the amazing results received from our conceptual approach. By the end of this article you will find why I call it client turn ratio.

Issues for digital marketing

Most of the digital marketers are very successful to generate traffic to a website. It is fine. You might have received some emails from marketers, with a grantee for a website appearance on the first page of Google, but unfortunately, such marketers are just sending spam emails because their own website is not on the first page of Google. I think, now you know what I mean to say. Such marketers are really dangerous for the society. I would like to say “Be aware of such marketers.” If they are really good, then they should be busy in projects not spamming. So such marketers are also one of the issues for digital marketing. Some of the other issues are:

  • Bounce rate
  • Lead generation
  • Webpage loading time
  • Duplicate contents
  • Changes in search trends
  • Efficiency of “Onsite and Offsite” SEO
  • Target keywords

Beauty by sandy

Last month we have completed SEO for BeautyBySandy. I got the amazing results that are what I would like to share. Please have a look at the image below:

An Image showing the the leads generate in a month.

Please notice the number of visits on the website in a month, calls from the website and the people who requested the directions to visit the business counter. I think that now you can understand why we have changed the abbreviation of CTR from click turn ratio to client turn ratio. Let us make calculations:
Total website visits = 107
Number of calls = 62
Number of clients requested directions = 15
Total leads = 62 + 15 = 77 Approximately
There would be some emails sent which are missing from the figure so I would not include it in.
Success of website is: (77 * 100)/107 = 71.962%
So lead generation is = 72%
bounce rate = 100 - 72 = 28%

Google search console

Up to now I have talked about one aspect of the website. It is not only achieved by SEO. All other factors involved in are available at lead generation article To make the observation clear let us look at the Google Search console for the same period.

An image from Google console showing Position oe the Website in SERP of Google and number of clicks

Now observe total clicks from Google searach are 86 and visits to the website are recorded 107. There is a difference of 107 - 86 = 19. These 19 visitors visited the website directly or from other references like social media or some business directories. Next thing is to observe is that all pages of this website are ranked on the first page on SERP. Due to our keywords filtering strategy, the website got clicks just from targeted clients even there are 3873 impressions on SERP. This strategy has reduced the bounce rate and increased lead generation. Less bounce rate makes the domain more trusted which causes higher ranking in SERP. Ok, you want to see the real bounce rate of this website. Please have a look at the image below from Google analytics:

An image from Goolge analytics as a proof of bounce rate droped to 8%

Please do not be surprised that in the above calculation we had calculated the bounce rate 28%. Now you can reverse calculate the leads generated from emails. There are around 20% leads generated through emails.


PBIS has coined an unbeatable technology for lead generation. The reason for this article is to highlight the importance of well-planned website development for the targeted clients, strategic SEO and our invented lead generation tools. As per all calculations, this website has lost around 7% of the visitors that might be the repeat visitors.

Can we say that this website is a lead generation machine?

I would like to hear back from you that what do you think about the success of this website. What is your openion about PBIS lead generation tools and how do you feel about this research. I will really appriciate if you will spend a bit of time for your feedback. Just visit out main website contact through contact us form.

Author: Varinderpal Singh Malhi